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A free, professional, unique and easy to use icon tool
For Windows 10/7/Vista/XP

What's Seanau Icon Toolkit?

Seanau Icon Toolkit is a free, professional, unique and easy to use icon editing, combination and style tool that allows you to create unique and popular icons easier, faster, and more enjoyable.



Powerful Layers tool that allows combined icon becomes more flexible, let your inspiration to become a reality easier.



13 revolutionary stylized filters to create a popular style icon just one click, like iOS style, Vista style, Mac style, origami style, crystal style and more.



13 tools you need to quickly and expertly improve, correct, repair, and get rid of any flaws in your icons


Native Format

Seanau Icon Toolkit's native image format SITF to save your operation and graphic elements, allowed to continue editing icons in the future.

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