Licensed for Commercial Products

    You are allowed to use Seanau icons in your commercial products that you may sell, such as your company’s app, website, presentations or even your website template. For more information about the license please read the license agreement.

    Can I use Seanau icons in how many products?

    You can use our icons in an unlimited number of products without any further costs.

      Can I modify the icons for my own use?

      Yes. You are free to alter, crop and create derivative icons with your own graphic editor or with Seanau Icon Toolkit. So you may edit an individual icon's color, lines etc. or combine icons of one size with others of different sizes to create all new icons, get more than 400,000 possible combination icons.

      Can I use Seanau icons for client work?

      Yes, you are allowed to use Seanau icons in designs and services that you may offer your clients. The icons should be part of a larger product you are selling, so that the primary product is not the icons themselves.

      Why use vector image format?

      Vector images easier to re-edit. When you edit it, you don’t have to repeat the entire design. You merely choose the parts that you want to edit and you could do it easily.


      No image distortion. Vector images can easily be enlarged without distorting them. Unlike bitmap images which become jagged when enlarged. Hence, you wouldn’t have any fear of using it in various sizes. The image remains sharp, and no parts of it will look differently. When the image is stretched, it doesn’t get blurry or pixelated.


      Vector graphics looks good in print. Vector images look better in print and are sharper, too. It is easier to print them, and you wouldn’t have problems with seeing that square stuff in your image. It will be clean and precise.

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